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Back after hosting service merge
3/2/2017 13:00
My hosting service (Ariotek) has merged with hosting service Krystal, so they've migrated all my content over. This has generated a few hiccups - mostly regarding the address of my MySQL server, and so on. This has affected Wordpress blogs, my website frontpage, phpArcScan, and so on. Should be all fixed now.

Back after hiccup
15/10/2014 20:35
My hosting service have finished migrating over to new servers, so I've had to fixup some SQL server names. Hopefully everything should be working again now ...

Some free GDF fonts now available!
30/8/2013 21:03
Need a bit more variety from your fixed-width bitmap fonts? Text embedding into autogenerated bitmaps looks a bit lacklustre? Have no fear! A few hundred fonts from !Zap are now converted for your printing pleasure.

Geek Blog now active
13/3/2013 22:38
My blog for documenting electronic and computery things is now active. Actually, it's been active for ages but I've only just got around to finishing anything for it ...

[phpArcScan] Archive 23.5 now added
13/3/2013 22:35
Archive 23.5 (October 2012) now added to database.

[phpArcScan] A few bugfixes uploaded.
5/6/2012 21:19
Following feedback from some users, I've fixed some bugs relating to searching, allowed provision for extending the maximum number of search results, enforced some data's sort order ... and one or two other minor things that most people won't have noticed. :)

[phpArcScan] Data for issues 23.2, 23.3, 23.4 now available.
5/6/2012 21:11

[phpArcScan] Data for Archives 22.11, 22.12 and 23.1 are available
26/6/2011 09:47
Actually, they've been available for ages. I just forgot to announce it here!

Rasteriser and depth buffer implemented!
26/6/2011 09:43
Finally done some more work on my software 3D renderer - results of my first attempt at solid triangles and a depth buffer. Needs work, but looks good so far.

[phpArcScan] Data added for Archives 22.9 and 22.10
4/11/2010 20:39
I did 22.9 some time ago but forgot to update the newsfeed. 22.10 is the latest magazine (that was sent to subscribers t'other week).

Father's Day
6/7/2017 21:44

Sunday Morning
2/4/2017 11:39

Second Time Around
6/2/2017 06:34

The New IT-Guy
5/2/2017 13:06

"Moving On" (1 comment)
31/12/2016 15:06

The Teachings of Guru Ravensburger
21/11/2016 22:32

Fostering (2 comments)
13/11/2016 19:10

Tragic loss
7/11/2016 16:55

Cannot Be Unseen
21/4/2016 21:03

A small rant that is just too big to be a tweet (1 comment)
18/2/2016 01:00

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