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27th September 2005
The front-end now saves the settings of the multitude of tickboxes, for those people who tend to set things and then leave them alone. But should I be saving the last path/file that was displayed too? Also done lots of preparation work for some of the bigger new stuff I want to put in. I've probably bust something trivial along the way.

10th September 2005
Ian Anderson has e-mailed me to suggest I add the ability to stick captions over images. Perhaps I'll allow the user to specify a 'style' for captions (font name, size, colouring, positioning, etc) and then let people add a line of text for any image they want?

14th July 2005
Released version 0.2.2
Added all the predefined colour names from the HTML specification. See the manual for the full list. Also changed the archive type (for downloads) from .arc to .zip - it should prevent all the browser confusion.

13th July 2005
Added ability to save current slide as a sprite. This is useful to me because it means I can save relevant slides and distribute them as a zip after a presentation. See the set command to find out how to activate this feature.
Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to overlay a sprite on top of something else - the background was always blanked first. While I'm at it, I've also changed how the background colour is set by default to something more logical: now, by default it doesn't blank the background - you must set the colour explicitly. This makes much more sense, and makes it easier to produce a slide which is a composite of many images.
I'll build a new version and upload it shortly.

11th July 2005
Did my first proper presentation with !Yassa running on Virtual Acorn on a laptop. Thanks to everyone at the DARC computer club for being so enthusiastic, despite my presentation (on GPS and Satellite Navigation) being rotten.
I'll make my slides for the evening available as a download of a "real" example of how to use Yassa. Preparing the presentation has also given me lots of ideas on what to change and add next, too.

6th July 2005
After weeks of Graham Shaw having to patiently deal with my idiocy, !Yassa is now available via The RISC OS Packaging Project. This is a project to bring Debian-style stress-free package management to RISC OS.

3rd July 2005
Released version 0.2.1
Removed pointless filesize limitation on JPEGs. Not sure why I put it in - I think it was a safety check that made sense at 3am when I coded it. Thanks to Jeremy Brayshaw for pointing that one out.

20th June 2005
Added pointer command, and a couple of pointer shapes. Will add the ability to change the three pointer colours, and perhaps the ability to turn the pointer on or off. I've also changed the numbering scheme to X.Y.Z, mostly so it fits in better with Graham Shaw's packaging system. Therefore the current version is now 0.2.0. I'm hoping to start distributing Yassa via RiscPkg as well as from my website.

8th May 2005
Released version 0.02
Finished off the sprite plotting code, which (as far as I can tell) was my last goal for my first milestone. So I've taken the (rather presumptuous) step of upgrading the version number to 0.02. I'm a crazy fool!
To mark the occasion, I've changed the icon to something with a more inscruitable smile.

21st April 2005
Sprites can now be plotted correctly regardless of screen mode or colour depth. I'll just do some neatening up and then release a new version.

23rd March 2005
Released version 0.01h
Implemented recursive file scanner for when auto-generating a script.

22nd March 2005
Big revisions to the documentation! Documented all the new commands and facilities I've added, done revised screenshots, and a "first steps" bit for writing your own scripts. Need to do a hints-n-tips page, and some example presentations for download.

17th March 2005
Implemented the Overlay command, so that you can do slides that seem to 'add' to previous ones, but will still work when the operator keeps flipping between slides. I'll release a new version shortly.

8th March 2005
Released version 0.01f and then 0.01g
More bugfixes, code tweaks, and so on. Also implemented resolution picker. Really ought to do more docs.

19th January 2005
Updated to-do list substantially thanks to new ideas and some encouraging e-mails from Jeremy C B Nicholl, Buchanan and Ron Briscoe (thanks chaps!). A lot of the comments revealed that I still have more work to do on the documentation! :)
Implemented a good part of displaying single images (done JPEGs), lots of little tweaks and bugfixes.

5th January 2005
Released version 0.01e
Added sprite plotting functionality (though it's dependent upon current screen depth at the moment). Also implemented beep command.

22nd December 2004
Released version 0.01d
Initial release. Heralded by earthquakes, a plague of frogs, and Blunkett resigning. I'm suffering from a particularly bad case of The Squits, too. Fortunately, my office chair is leather and wipes clean easily.

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