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Why this site exists

Initially, I only created this site to host the RISC OS port.

This version of XOR is very difficult to locate - it appeared on only an Acorn User cover disc, and (much later) in the "Freeware Games" section of Virtual Acorn. John Hedley is no longer involved in the RISC OS scene, so he's given me permission to host it here instead.

After I'd made the site to host it, I also (in a fit of boredom) wrote scripts to extract the map data from the BBC version, in order to see where the mistakes were in the RISC OS data.

From that I made large GIFs of all the maps (using the sprite set from the RISC OS version) and hosted those, too.

I have also been through my collection of old Acorn User and Micro User magazines and scanned any related adverts or articles I found there, too.

Since then, I've been contacted on a regular basis by XOR fans who either have questions to ask, or information or scans to give me. The site has just grown from there!

RG74 cover scan I was also contacted by a journalist for Retro Gamer Magazine at the end of 2009 who intended to write an article about XOR, which has helped to further revive public interest. (If you want a read, the article was published in Issue 74 - April 2010.)

And ... Well, it's a hobby, innit?

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This site was last updated March 2010.