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Many thanks to ...

To Longman Logotron for originally producing such a fantastically different game! Also, we should not forget the fact that they (or whoever owns the copyright on their stuff these days) have chosen not to slap legal action on me for this site, or to any site that hosts 8-bit disk images or tape files. :)

To Paul Carruthers (one of XORs original creators), who got in contact and has given me lots of useful information and material. It turns out that he and I live about 30 miles apart, work in the same industry, and have friends in common. Small world, eh?

To the many people who have taken the time to get in contact, and offer information, corrections, and so on. Especially to Ozric_Fan, Peter Levan and Paul Collins.

To John Hedley for kindly giving me the RISC OS port of XOR.

To Eddie Edwards for his e-mails to John Hedley correcting errors in map data.

To Paul Collins for very kindly giving me his web-notes on XOR (from a Spectrum-user's point of view) for assimilation here. Also for his map graphics and RZX recordings of every level being played. And his very interesting notes on the meaning of the hidden word.

To Peter Dekker for supplying me with maps of the two hidden levels: The Cavern and Wheel of Fortune.

To Jonathan C Conner, for providing me with such a valuable find: three 5.25-inch floppies from Paul Carruthers featuring extra levels, icons and "replay" files! I've had a very enjoyable week or so, converting the floppies into image files for playing under emulation, and then writing BASIC programs to extract the data in a useful format!

To Arjan Opmeer for kindly creating and donating the animated GIF solutions.

To Paul King for sending me some screenshots of his Android version.

To Amf for his heads-up on Chroma, Enigma, and his XOR disassembly.

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This site was last updated March 2010.