Welcome to the world of the burnt eyebrow!

Over the last few years I have increased my dabblings in electronics (the Arduino, PICs, radio-controlled aircraft, BBC Micros, and so on). I have felt the need to document them – mostly because I have a very short memory – so at least I’ll have them recorded for posterior-erity.

In the good ol’ days, I’d stick all the designs on my website and write all the HTML myself. But we’re in the age of the CMS now, and I really can’t be faffed with CSS and RSS at my age … so I’m blogging it instead.

I didn’t want to clog-up my current blog with lots of electronics notes (most of my loyal subscribers are only interested in the swearing, gratuitous violence and sponge-cake porn anyway) and so I have started a new, geek-themed one here. I suspect it will be updated less often – this one is for documentary purposes rather than ranty ones.

Obviously I’m just a media whore; desperate for your adulation, sycophantic replies to my posts, and the ravening screams of pert female groupies … so I’d like you to read both blogs. But if you’re not interested in electronics or you’re easily shocked by the filthy innuendo that I call prose then feel free to ignore whichever blog doesn’t float your boat.

I can’t guarantee that this blog won’t have the occasional rude word in it, though.