Giles Cartoon Archive

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Forty-First Series
First Cartoon: 26th June 1986.
Last Cartoon: 28th June 1987.
Foreword: Joan Collins.
Cover: Family outside French café.
Copies: 1
Forty-Second Series
First Cartoon: 30th June 1987.
Last Cartoon: 12th June 1988.
Foreword: Johnny Speight.
Cover: Family in seaside-town highstreet.
Copies: 2
Forty-Third Series
First Cartoon: 14th June 1988.
Last Cartoon: 23rd July 1989.
Foreword: Tim Rice.
Cover: Family on canal boat.
Copies: 3
Forty-Fourth Series
First Cartoon: No dates on cartoons!
Last Cartoon: No dates on cartoons!
Foreword: Magnus Magnusson KBE.
Cover: Winter scene on rail platform.
(With selection of colour RNLI Christmas cards.)
Copies: 2
Forty-Fifth Series
First Cartoon: 23rd September 1990.
Last Cartoon: 23rd June 1991.
Foreword: Willie Rushton.
Cover: Members of family on plain background.
(Also includes collection of older cartoons, plus colour Christmas cards.)
Copies: 2
Forty-Sixth Series
Foreword: Eric Sykes.
Cover: Grandma as Brittania.
(A collection of previously-published cartoons.)
Copies: 1
Forty-Seventh Series
Foreword: Joanna Lumley.
Cover: Giles family playing Roulette at Christmas.
Copies: 1
Forty-eighth Series (1995)
Foreword: David Jason.
Cover: Children wearing armour from castle.
Copies: 1
Forty-Ninth Series
Foreword: Lesley Joseph.
Cover: Grandma with empty box staring at dog.
Copies: 1
Fiftieth Series (1997)
Foreword: HRH The Prince Of Wales.
Cover: RNLI Christmas Card - Grandma in boat by quay.
Copies: 1