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The Official XOR Maps

These are the maps featured in the released version of XOR.

There are now two versions of each map hosted here: the larger GIF versions are made using John Hedley's tileset from the RISC OS version (and are rather lovely). The smaller PNG versions come courtesy of Paul Collins and his Spectrum.

In my opinion, the excellent choice of map names further adds to the surreal feel of this game.

Map name   Big version Small version
Dots and Waves GIF (101K) PNG (20K)
Something Fishy GIF (150K) PNG (32K)
Chicken Supreme GIF (142K) PNG (31K)
Explosive Mixture GIF (132K) PNG (30K)
Henry's Anguish GIF (127K) PNG (30K)
The Dolls House GIF (169K) PNG (29K)
Dolly's Revenge GIF (103K) PNG (26K)
Enlightenment GIF (176K) PNG (50K)
The Challenge GIF (145K) PNG (31K)
Patience Pending GIF (220K) PNG (29K)
Razor Edge GIF (179K) PNG (32K)
The Happy Hour GIF (184K) PNG (52K)
Deja Vu GIF (118K) PNG (48K)
Penultimate GIF (138K) PNG (53K)
The Decoder GIF (65K) PNG (35K)

Hidden XOR maps

Many thanks to Peter Dekker who has provided me with GIFs of the two hidden maps: The Caverns and Wheel of Fortune. I think these were extra maps hidden in the original game.

Map name   Big version Small version
Hidden Cavern   GIF (104K)  
Wheel of Fortune GIF (131K)  

Unreleased XOR maps

Here below is a real find - a set of maps (some obviously still works-in-progress) from Paul Carruthers, the original author of XOR! Originally supplied to me on a set of 5.25-inch floppies, including extra graphics sets (see elsewhere on this site), "replay" files, and the XOR map editor without the copy protection. I believe the floppies (and the data on them) to be unique.

Special thanks must go to Jonathan Conner for sending me the floppies!

Map name   Big version Small version
Room 1 GIF (97K)  
Room 2 GIF (163K)  
Room 3 GIF (121K)  
Room 4 GIF (141K)  
Room 5 GIF (130K)  
Room 6 GIF (116K)  
Room 7 GIF (149K)  
Room 8 GIF (129K)  
Room 9 GIF (116K)  
Room 10 GIF (175K)  
Room 11 GIF (142K)  
Room 12 GIF (139K)  
Room 13 GIF (143K)  
Room 14 GIF (149K)  
Room 15 GIF (132K)  
Square GIF (39K)  
Tessel GIF (114K)  
Wheel GIF (175K)  

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