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SOLUTIONS (spoiler warning)

Are you sure? I mean ... really sure? Once you've seen it, there's no going back, y'know.

Admittedly, the original competition expired somewhere around twenty-five years ago so it is fairly certain you have missed the opportunity to become a member of the Order of XOR, but it's not too late to turn around now, and solve it yourself. Think of the satisfaction! Think of how enrapt your friends will be when you regail them with anecdotes at the next party!

(Assuming you have friends and you get invited to parties, of course. If you're on this site because you're still playing games on a thirty-year-old computer then this is unlikely to be the case.)

But if you're certain, and you have already yanked your hair out in large handfulls ... you may continue ...

Yes, let me in!

E-mail me!
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